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The High Tatras Mountains contain 297.5 km of tourist paths. All are well maintained and clearly marked either by sign post (which state walking times) or by coloured dots on trees and rocks. All paths extend from the Magistrala (Tatras Artery), 70 km long, from Jalovecka Dolina valley (West Tatras) to Biele pleso (lake).


There are several lakes and water falls to visit. A few lakes have food and drink available.

The cable cars, ski lifts and funiculars run throughout the summer making it a little easier to enjoy the views


There are 16 marked and maintained trails for mountain bikes, graded from light, medium through to 4 difficult (heavy trails) only for the exceptionally strong riders. All paths are made mostly from tar, gravel or reinforced coating, and are marked with boards and arrows.

One of the hardest rides is a trail leading from Tatranska Polianka (village where the Chalet is situated) to the mountain hotel Sliezsky Dom, the ride climbs 602 m finishing 1,665 meters above sea level.

Visit the observatory at Lomnicky (height 2,632 m above sea level) by cable car. Open all the year round weather permitting the views are unforgettable (Picture on the skiing page).

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